Thursday, February 26, 2009

As some of you know that I trade emails with, I have been saying that I think we will get a bounce at the beginning of March. Here you can see the seasonal pattern that has been pretty reliable in recent years.

It is accompanied by a huge amount of divergence in the Pro Go oscillator, which is one of the best accumulation/distribution indicators out there. Ideally we would be undervalued and sentiment would be bearish, neither of those two conditions exist. In fact sentiment is actually pretty bullish the way I measure it, which is bearish for the market. As a result this is far from a perfect setup.

One of my mentors Larry Williams has called for a sharp rally to start about now due to a valuation model that he has that measure bond yields against stock yields. I do not use that but it is a nice tool. When I take all of this into account what I come up with is that I think we will get a rally here possibly into May which if we do could set up a tremendous shorting opportunity. For those of you that have not bailed out of retirement equity positions, this could provide a chance to switch into cash in those accounts.

I will post at some point in the future, where I think we are going bigger picture, which is much lower. However, there is plenty of time for that for now I think we are close to a decent bounce.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Golden Opportunity?

Here is a gold chart of the cash market without prices on it. Sometimes it is nice to take the clutter out and just look at the price to see what it is saying.

As indicated by the line below on the COT data, you can see commercials are selling this rally. That by itself it is not necessarily bearish and can in fact be bullish. However, what we see here is a selling action right at prior highs. When I couple this with a friend telling me the other day that her 9 and 11 year old daughters asked her if she was buying gold, and why not when she said no, I have to conclude this is a top in price. Also, noted famous traders Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are hawking it on their radio shows. It makes me wonder who else is left to buy?

Tops are made when the market runs out of buyers not when heavy sellers show up. We also have the seasonal tendency for a top right here. At the very least this is a shorting opportunity for a fall of $100 or more. After that whether the buy on the dip is the right play will not be known until it happens and we see how the commercials act on the dip.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here again we have the US Dollar Index. I have shown up at studios of radio shows and thrown pies in the faces of the hosts at this point for their gloom and doom views of the dollar. I knew when it was under 80 and I was calling for a big move up I was right when I listened to virtually every single other person being bearish.

The short term trading opportunity to short never fully developed properly from my earlier post. Now we are up against last years highs, which is going to provide some short term resistance. I may even short it up here for a short term trade. However, big picture if we take those highs out we could see a moonshot to the upside. This will likely coincide with the stock market taking out last years lows which will further trigger the flight to quality into the dollar which we have seen repeatedly for the last year.

As frustrating as all the things the government is doing is to me with all the bailouts, it is providing great trading opportunities. It is now obvious to me that we just have to bet against the US in virtually everything economically for awhile, so all rallies except the dollar need to be shorted. I am very worried about where all of this nonsense is going to lead us, but I might as well make money from it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today provided a wonderful example of Americas finest the PPT at work. We were once again on the verge of a major rollover of the market. We had a gap down open, then rally to partially fill that gap only to fall to new lows. This is about as bearish a situation as you can have intraday.

By "coincidence" this was happening while all the negative feedback about this fiasco called a stimulus/porkulus package is being kicked around. However, the calvary came magically to the rescue once again. If it was not so blatant it would almost be funny. Magically this 5 minute chart demonstrates how in the last 50 minutes a late day save happened driven by some "mysterious" buy program.

This is how the us government manipulates markets and it is never more clear than on a day like this. That is not to say late day rallies cannot occur, but this is not how they look when they are not unduly influenced from the outside. This looks more like a pork belly chart after a government report than it does a normal stock rally at days end.

Enjoy this viewing and feel good about the fact that for a day, your tax dollars were used wisely and had a positive return unlike the returns we are getting over the last year, with their calamatous buying program all the way down which has lost untold millions.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Here we have the US Dollar Index Daily chart with the classic triangle pattern being displayed. The textbooks tell you to play the longside breakout here, and that may be correct. However, if you notice the last time we consolidated at this level we broke to the downside about two months ago, I think if we break below the lower line this is a good low risk short sale opportunity. In trading there are never any guarantees and many trades look silly after the fact when they don't work, this could be one of those. However, I like the fact that the pivots are lower during the last two weeks and that the one oscillator is leading downward as supporting this entry.

I have been bullish on the dollar for awhile and bigger picture think it will rise, but if we break down from here on a short term basis I will be short this market. A break upward just would further confirm the uptrend. I am expecting a bit of a bounce in stocks here this week so this should move opposite of that, which would be down.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Here we have natural Gas, I can't wait for my next bill to come so I can once again argue with the Gas company about how high the price they charge is relative to the spot price which is plummeting.

This is just a basic retracement in a trend setup. It is the simplest way to trade, just wait for trend to establish and enter trades on pullbacks. Based on a few things I watch, I think this pullback is going a bit further so I am not going to short yet, but this market is definitely on my radar. Commercials also have heavy shorts on a relative basis which supports this from a fundamental standpoint.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Same Ol Same Ol

The votes have been cast and the results are in, Obama's PPT is carrying on the same plan to try and stop the drop as W's team did. If you look at the panel at the bottom, the dark black line is the heavy buying of the Large Speculators in the E Mini S&P 500. Keep in mind that this group is generally the accelerator of trends, momentum scale up buyers and scale down sellers. This is the opposite pattern of what is normal as there is huge buying into a significant downtrend, and enormous losses for those doing it.

If you keep in mind the above normal activity what this tells us is that "someone" very large with virtually unlimited buying resources is attempting to stop this downward move in prices. There is only one entity on earth with this type of buying power that can afford to lose this much money and keep buying, our good old friends the US Government. These trades are done through large investment houses like Sachs etc and what better time to do it than now. They have a better scenario for tight lips than ever before due to putting money directly into them. Who the hell would spill the beans in that situation? Nobody!

This does not bother me in the least as I know it exists and if you know how to spot it, you can use it to reinforce your evaluation of the trend. This is a confirmation of the downtrend in this market. Maybe they can pull it off and hold this market here, but I do not believe so. If these levels at the lows do break it is likely we have a large move down coming. I have seen several forecasts from better traders than me calling for choppy action until the fall, which should feature a big drop. I have no idea if they can hold it up this long, but I would be surprised. The latest reports have shown a small amount of commercial buying in the indices, but not enough to warrant a trend change. I am short this market from a few days back and will continue to short bounces when they occur, taking profits along the way.