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Sometimes there are times in your life when you just know you have to act. During these times there may not always be a rational reason, or any other way to explain it other than just there is something you just feel compelled to do, and everything else just has to wait. Readers of this blog certainly know how I have been burned financially by the PFG Fraud. This has really forced some dramatic life changes for me to survive as my main stream of income has been stolen from me. However, we all go through tough times at one point or another, and we can never lose sight of the fact that others are also having trouble. In many cases others troubles can be much worse than our own.

We do need to band together to help one another to get through the tough times. I can tell you the comments and emails I have gotten through this venue, have helped me a great deal in dealing with my own situation. It is time to help someone else. Readers know I am an animal lover, and in particular Saint Bernard's. We get almost all of our dogs through rescues. Animals in rescue need our help, and now in this case, the best rescue place in my opinion in this country, needs ours.

The above rescue is run by a woman that is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. There is no way I could describe, and do it justice, the sacrifice she has made over the last 15 years, rescuing over 1400 dogs! Just think about that number. She has done this completely by herself. When you just visit her place the first step you take into the house you know you are seeing something you will never see again. She takes in Blind dogs, senior dogs, and even those that have a mean streak that need to be fixed. She fixes the tough ones, and all these dogs live in incredible harmony. She has a beautiful pool for them to swim in and lounge around by. When a dog gets ill she even does her own IV's when necessary, I saw this live when I was there. She devotes her whole life to these animals. It is literally beyond what I could ever describe. I have been to many rescues over the course of the last 8 years and never seen anything that comes even close to what she does.

Due to the economy and some one time expenses with a dog and a well, she has fallen into a very difficult spot and needs help. I am trying to help raise money to save this rescue. She has 28 dogs right now, and if she cannot survive, god knows what will happen to all of these great souls. I am personally donating $500 to this even though I am in no business to do so right now, and if any readers wish to help it would be greatly appreciated. These donations are tax deductible, and you would get a receipt for the donation.

If you are interested any amount of money could make or break this. I have some friends and my sisters are also contributing something to this. Please if you can find it in your heart to do anything at all to help, it would be appreciated. You can go to the site directly above or email me at mktwzrd1@gmail.com. The donation will go directly to the rescue, I am just trying to help raise the money. We need to act fast, time is running out.

As to the markets, here are my thoughts coming into today. First, I spoke to the trustee's assistant in the PFG scandal yesterday, and there is a motion for a bulk transfer that should be filed this week. At that point we will know more about timing. It would be easy to conclude that this means immediate money and I don't know if we can go that far. What it should establish is some parameters going forward. I expect it to create a time line, but not an amount. I was reading a lawsuit that has been filed against PFG yesterday and in the body of the complaint it had a reference to $600 Million dollars in segregated money from 2011. We all know when this was shut down that number was $400 Million. I have maintained all along that we cannot rely on anything this scumbag says, and I never believed the $400 Million. I have always felt he lied on the low side with that number to ease the balances he was required to keep in certain places. In that respect any lie would be to the down side. As a result it may well be that the Jeffries money they have is a very small percent of the total, perhaps only 20%.

This is pure conjecture on my part, and it could be the $600 Million was the lie and not the $400 Million. We don't know yet if we will have to fill out forms and submit our account statements through this process or not. I will report what the details are once they are known. As I have said before, I am preparing for the worst. If they can't tie in the banks to this, we are in a bad spot. There was a story yesterday that JPM has refused to comply with the subpoena request for their records. Of course the initial thought is what could they be hiding? However, this could be just some legal maneuvering, so I don't want to get too excited about that. It could mean this will drag on for years in a court room, which would not be good. I think the trustee Bodenstein is doing all the right things, so we have to leave it up to him for the moment. If you are a fellow victim, just focus on your trading, it is the only revenge we have. If we can all get back up on our feet, that is the ultimate payback. Once we do we all band together and take it to capitol hill for allowing this to happen to us.

The next chart is that of Bonds, and one I posted recently as a market where the very short term trend had changed. It may be counter intuitive to look short here, when I said yesterday that I am looking to short the stock market. However, you have to act on what is not on what you think will be. The stock market is in a sell zone, but there are no short term sells there as I stated. Whether or not they will develop or we will just soar here is anyone's guess. In the mean time you can see where I shorted Bonds.

In this case there was not any real obvious fundamental reason to short this market. The Commercials are short, but they have been for a few months. We know it is common for the big boys to be opposite big trends, so that stand alone does not mean much.The long term trend indicator at the bottom, is also showing a solid up trend. At this point this is just a short term trade where I have already moved my stop to a smidge better than break even just in case this is just a wiggle. I do like it when the last pivot before a high gets taken out like I have indicated with the red arrow. This tells us on a short term basis, the structure has weakened. It is not a click the mouse with both hands and just blindly sell. It is an alert to look for something to trigger a trade. You can see where I entered, now it is time to see what happens.

I was also looking to get long Corn today, but at press time that does not appear to be in the cards. Of course as I always say, you never know what will happen, even with segregated funds!

If you can open your heart to help the rescue you will have done your good deed for today.

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John M said...

Amazing work that woman is doing. I'll be going to her site right now.

That short in bonds that went out...wow. Talk about a winning streak.

Thanks, Chris.

Chris Johnston said...

Thanks John

Yes the Bond System is doing well

Anonymous said...

I don't see a donation link on her site ? Or a mailing address either?
How do we handle this?
Don in Virginia